Testing of Final Product

Once I had then completed the code and tested that it worked together successfully DSC_0541with minimal glitches or issues, I then needed to test it within the space and that it worked successfully for its intended purpose. Within the space I attached the program to the monitors via the laptop which then projected the resulting outcome onto the screen once it had begun to analyse the sound. I encountered DSC_0539several issues with the program such as it being the wrong size for the screens which I quickly altered. Following this there was issues with the lagging of the projections themselves and if I was able to further work on this project I would need to have a much more powerful microphone as to receive more credible results.

After having such issues I made the decision to individually project DSC_0549the two outcomes and first watch those within the space. Watching people’s reaction to the two pieces of work I found highly beneficial, as I was able to monitor peoples subconscious reactions to each piece and notice whether a change occurred in their behaviour as the projection changed. It was minuscule and would need a longer period of observation as to receive more reliable results but on the whole people’s attitudes could be seen to change with the work although it could be argued of many other contributing factors.

DSC_0548Once I had observed the reactions of those within the space I then questioned several members of the public to see if their now knowledge of the purpose of the abstract pieces changed their opinions and attitudes towards it. People’s reactions initially was confusion as to not understanding the purpose of the productions as well as similar results from previous tests in how it evoked possible memories and feelings, once I had then explained the idea to them they began to notice several attitudes within themselves when looking at the work and their perception of this. Although it could not necessarily be reliable information as to them now being aware of the idea behind the works and therefore the idea would need several more stages of testing to receive credible information to fully and confidently present on the theory of digital media manipulation.


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