Science Museum London Trip

DSC_0137For inspiration into the project and a general look into the project itself we took a trip to the science museum in London in which I was able to photograph several aspects inside the museum by looking at the particular changes in science throughout history this including the creation and introduction DSC_0164of technology into society. I was also able to document the spaces within the museum itself and how they are used as a way of fully presenting the artefacts and how through the technology and design shown, interactivity is now a crucial part of this museum and engaging with its public audience.

DSC_0171Within the museum the exhibits documented a generalised overview of the most prominent topics in science, such as engineering, astronomy, technology, design, internet and the digital age, etc.  These were shown using historical artefacts as commonly shown in similar establishments, what sets this museum apart from others of its kinds is how it uses the topics discussed throughout to create a unique experience for its audiences.  Some of the most prominent topics that I found is the digital user experiments in which the audience within the space has to interact with the information therefore gaining the information on a multi-platform basis.

One of the things I found most interesting about the visit was the uses of space withinDSC_0179 the museum in both the architecture of the building in how the designers have moulded the original 19th century style with the modern architecture of today much how they have styled the exhibits themselves in how it transitions from early mechanical engineering toward astronomy and finally technology and design as you climb the building. This is similar in how they have used interactivity throughout also. Within the astronomy there is an activity in which members of the public can put their hands in an astronauts gloves and try and conduct similar activities, a clearly none technological form of interaction with the information but a form of interaction with the audience none the less. It is when you then progress further into the technology segments there is computer games andDSC_0200 activities, one area in particular looked as the advancement on technological designs such as the computer, telephone, etc. in this there is an activity for each topic and with the mobile phone section the audience can use their own phones to control the screen and have themselves as part of the exhibit.

DSC_0182It is through the use of media spaces and interactivity that the audience is taken on a historical journey through science and can see as the technology in history progresses so does the activities and experiments provided.


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