Processing 9

Picture46Following on from my previous workshops I now plan to create the second of my two outcomes for my final product that will then be used as the secondary element within the analysis IF statement. Following the previous piece in this version I plan to create an outcome for when the sound within the space has high amplitude. Looking at this it suggests that the sound in the space will be loud and fairly busy, this outcome will be played as a calming sort of atmosphere that through testing can show if it sub-consciously effects how people react to the sound in the area following a calming influence. I planned to keep both outcomes fairly similar in how they has the same shape and rotation pattern as the previous code. Although within this piece I have considerably lowered the frame rate and amount of imagery being replicated per frame giving it a more calming and interesting look as opposed to its more ostentatious predecessor.                                Picture47                                            Within this I have also removed the fill colour of the shapes, changed the background colour to pale blue as to create a more blended look and then changed the size of the ellipse. Following this workshop I plan to replicate the circular pattern, but experimenting with difference shapes and positions within the scree. as well as changing the colour pallet to have less of a rainbow selection and more of a piece that will blend together with the background theme and style.


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