Processing 8

Picture43Following the previous workshop I now have a clear basis as to how I want the first outcome to look in terms of its physical presentation to the audience. Within this I began to create a fairly loud and garish piece that would draw the attention of its audience and potentially affect the subconscious minds of those within the space to become loud and more pronounced as to match the sound reaction to the space.

Picture44Following last weeks work I decide to create a more unique shape that would then create a more creative and effective pattern. Keeping most of the basic code from last week I created a new void section that would allow me to create my shape using 4 ellipse that would then overlap and join and different points as to create a star style shape. In this I then created the shape-using integer positioning, following this I then inputted the HSB value in the setup point of the code, which allowed Picture45me to change not only the colour but also the more specific availability of the code and therefore gave it a more overall effective style.

Once I had created this and replaced the original ellipse style I became happy with the outcome and the changes that I had made to it, successfully representing the style that will sub-consciously affect the audience within the space at the time and will be something I will be asking once the overall code is tested.


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