Processing 7

Picture39Following some the research into the uses of sound and the set up pseudo code for my project, I have decide to have two outcomes to which will be implanted into whether the sound within the foyer space is louder or quieter. Within this workshop I have decide to begin to create the first of my two outcomes. Within this idea will be used when the sound within the space is below the threshold amplitude that will be imputed into the main code when the sound analysis section is written. With this outcome I want the imagery projected to colourful and fast moving shapes, following my research I want for the outcomes to be fairly vague in there projects as a way of subconsciously affecting the mood of the space and the way that people react to it in the space. To begin with I began by inputting the basic parameters of a rotating ellipse thatPicture40 would then change colour each time that it was repeated throughout the frame rate. I gave the background a basic black colour as to make the colours of the shapes further stand out, while making the shape of the canvas a fairly large basic square shape. I made the frame rate as fast as possible without causing freezing or crashing issues as to allow the vibrancy of the imagery to be eye-catching and noticeable.

Within the draw section I have laid out an if statement that declares the frame rate speed changes once reaching the set percentage which at 1% is the fastest. The colour options are similar in that using the RGB values I am able to declare the percentage of how much each is used for example %50 of the ellipse that will be values of red. I have then translated the main shape as to fit in the centre of the canvas and it rotates following the integer values I have inputted that it rotates 3 pixels Picture41at a time. I have then included a four loop that stated for every integer i which is the size of the ellipse is at 0 it then repeats itself 50 times that the same time. Then in the code the ellipse is then drawn creating the image within the canvas and resulting in the overall effect.

Picture42I think I am now moving towards the idea that I would like for the first outcome, although I would first like to create a more complicated ellipse based shape that would then repeat itself, I would also like to experiment within then colours of the lines of the shape and potentially filling the shape in general, using HSB options.


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