Processing 6

Within this workshop we are now beginning to work on our own piece of project withinPicture36 whichever direction we are beginning to move towards.  After now deciding that I want to work with sound as a basis for analysis of the volume within the space. From this I have begun to start researching into the references of sound and how it is possible to be used in within the code as a form of analysis and interaction within the people.

Pictur37Following some of the research I have managed to find an element and system that is exactly designed as a way of analysis the level of amplitude that is inputted from the microphone used. With this piece of code from studying the information it shows that it requires an input signal which would be the microphone itself the information then recorded through this device with them be implanted an analysed as to determine the amplitude which is then printed into the bottom of the page with the println code option. From this I have now found one of the key elements of my potential ideas and I will plan to test how that this would work and what the results that are received would look like. Once this is completed I will be able to look at the data and interpret this in a way that reacts to the space in general as opposed to reacting to one on one members of the audience like other members of the project are working in. I think this will be an interesting take on interaction as well as an interesting study into the sound within a space of this size and purpose and how the sound adapts to subconsciously suit the needs of its audience.


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