Processing 12

Picture44Within my final processing session both personal and in lecture I was able to drawPicture58 all of the elements together in a basic skeleton which I can then test in the main space and receive my outcomes onto the screen should the test fail.

Within this element of the code I first imputed all of the sound analysis elements including the input of the microphone, which at this stage I have had to use the laptop microphone.

After I had made sure this section of the code was effective then imputed the if statement which declared that should the amplitude of the space be above 100 Picture49amps then the secondary calming outcome would become into effect and if it was lower then the first would. I have decided to insert these two outcomes as movies as to make the outcomes and therefore the overall code cleaner.

This is not the completed code and if I had had more time then I would look at the analysis in a more complete and complex elements as to have the analysis at the best possible result. Also I would use a more powerful microphone that could monitor the sound at a higher and more detailed level therefore analyzing more of the sound to a wide range.


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