Processing 11

Within this lecture I decided to save the two outcome code pages and Picture54save them as movies as to receive the best possible format for the main code and to also have the main code cleaner and slightly more Picture55accessable when coding the main sound analysis body around it. To do this on a processing code and converting it into screen grabs and Picture57then export it as a movie with the IMovie application by tying each frame together. To begin I first add the elements of code that declares that it will take screen grabs of each frame and then save it to the files location.  I have also added a line, which states once the grabs have reached 1000 frames then it will stop saving the images and kill the previous line. Picture56Once I had saved 100 frames of each outcome I then opened up the iMovie application and imputed all of the images into the program, which then transfers these frames into a movie format, and I am able to export it and save it as a .mov document. Now that both of these files are save as movies I will now just need to insert the media into the main code and then insert the files themselves into the main code which can then been completed and tested within the main foyer as to receive the best results.


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