Processing 10

Following last weeks workshop I now have further developed my Picture49secondary ‘calming’ outcome and completed the second piece to be then adapted and inputted into my overall sound analysis code. Continuing to create a look that reflects a subconsciously calming atmosphere through calming graphical representations it has been important for me to keep in mind what my audience within the foyer will find appealing, calming or exciting and project their thoughts onto the canvas. Although this can be a complicated point in how each person personal calm can differ and change and therefore creating a generalised look can be complicated to replicate in any form or medium.

Picture48Within this code I have added another void shape in which I have continued to use ellipse although I will continue to experiment with the shapes until I feel reflect the atmosphere I want to create within the best possible light. For this shape I have moved it’s positioning slightly as to draw it apart from the original pattern and then given this a more randomised selection of colour within a specific pallet. This then keeps the style to a more specific theme. I have then lowered the frame rate more and then added a smooth point as to ease the transitions. Following the completion of the two outcomes I now plan to export these files as movies and then input them into my overall code with the sound analysis which will dictate that any amplitude that is over or under a certain decibel will then change the outcome projected as a way of interacting with the space as a whole and allowing the audience to react to it on a subconscious, in-voluntary level.


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