Lecture/Seminar 8 1th Dec 2014

Now that we have progressed to the stage where as individuals images (2)we have decided on solid ideas for our products and what directions that we plan to move in them, our next seminar had surrounded the ideas of prototyping designs and creating experiments of code as to develop the next stage. Through prototyping as a designer myself I am able to revert back to the previous theories of Markus and Maver in how the design process is a progression of creation and development. Unlike the waterfall method the Spiral method is a repetitive process in which the designer develops and potentially creates an idea for that idea to change through the feedback and thoughts of the designer themselves and the audience feedback.

Rapid-prototypingFrom this seminar in terms of my own work I am now moving towards creating my own projects to be presented as my final piece of the unit. Due to the project being marked on the journey and design process it is imperative at this stage that I continue to test and develop my ideas to the suit both the media space and the audience and to receive the best possible outcome for my idea. With my idea being the study of sound, and how interacting with an element within the room effects the subconscious of the audience and potentially changes there normal actions in the space. With an idea such as this when designing and creating the product it will be imperative for me to continuously question those around me, even those not in the space, as to their thoughts on the product and noticing how they react to it without asking them their thoughts. Therefore the feedback on my own work will be based around my own observational thoughts on the audience around the product.


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