Lecture/Seminar 7 24th Nov 2014

download (4)Following the work within both the processing, seminar assignments and personal research throughout the project I have been able to begin to form an idea of what I wish to complete for my final project although I have struggle to have a full laid out idea to push forward with. For this week seminar we instead were given the chance to fully discuss our plan with the lecturer and receive their feedback on how this could be changed and/or adapted as to create the best possible grade. Following my previous posts and research I have decided to move in the direction of creating a sound analysis piece that through monitoring the levels within the space I can create a graphic that can ‘condition’ the feelings generated in the area. For example with the amp and pitch being loud it results in the mood within the space being fairly excitable it will lead to the graphic creating a calming atmosphere through the imagery projected.

Through this idea it will lead to the audience being manipulated purely through interacting with the project and their participation being almost involuntary. conscious-subconsciousThis I feel is and interesting representation of the way that media works with the general public through the involuntary interaction how it is constant part in everyday life and therefore how they are manipulated by it from target marketing, guerrilla marketing, spam emails, etc. Through this direction in my project I think it will be both an interesting study into the condition of modern day manipulation in media as well as an interesting use of sound analysis and outcome in terms of the programming work and it was through this meeting that I was able to come to a sound conclusion to my previous ideas and research.


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