Lecture/Seminar 11 17th Jan 2015

Within the final seminar session of the unit it gave the group a chance to againDSC_0532 speak and show individually to the lecturers our ideas and receive some of their personal feedback and thoughts. As well as a chance to test work that we have created within the space and receive any feedback from both others on our course witnessing the programme on a continuous loop, or speak to members of the public at random as to hear a first impression on the product without them knowing of the idea.  On discussing my idea with the lecturers for the second time they agreed with the idea as to downgrade my outcomes from 4 to 2 as to give myself a longer amount of time on each and achieve the best possible outcomes for each instance. On seeing the progress of the two outcomes I questioned the lecturers as to the feelings that it evoked within them on each outcome, which received the expected reactions of excitement and DSC_0530calming for each as well as some constructive work on how each could be perceive by others and what I could add to improve them.

At this stage the main code is still separated as to having the two outcomes and the sound analysis separate therefore I was on the screens I merely uploaded the two outcomes and questioned those in the space about their thoughts on the project and how it could be improved, which I received the expected feedback of them being calming and exciting or as some described ’Seizure inducing’. As well as direct questioning on their own thoughts I DSC_0533questioned their thoughts on how others are reacting to the space and whether they thought these outcomes made the space more calming as a whole on the audience. From this I was able to observe the way that people reacted to the space which I feel did relax or pick up in the space depending on each outcome although the change monitored was subtle and I found the information received from others far more beneficial to the changes overall.


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