Lecture/Seminar 10 5th Jan 2015

Within this seminar as a group discussed the ideas of presenting our work images (3)within the space and through our now stages of prototyping and primary research, how this may have changed. To hear the progress of others within my course was highly beneficial as I was able to see the issues and successes that they were having with their own work and the different thought processes and ideas surrounding the design and creation of their products. When discussing my IMG_1879own work I was able to talk to the group about my decision to limit my results to two outcomes as a way of creating a more detailed two pieces of code and therefore presentation wise a more complex image, as opposed to 4 that may not be as effective.download (3) Also using two outcomes as a way of making the atmosphere with the space more excitable, as a way of motivating those moving through it, or calming the audience within it, as a way of focusing, is a way of controlling the space through the uses of design media technology. Allowing me to create a more direct response to how these pieces make them feel and IMG_1875whether they think it changes their own response to the space and does it affect its audience as a whole. Through this session and discussing my ideas the group agreed with my positioning the piece on the screens that are opposite to the coffee station and faces most of the sitting areas in the space these are the main focus screens for nearly all areas in the foyer and I can receive the most feedback from multiple points within the space and does their positioning effect their responses to the program.


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