Initial Idea

Picture51Following the research conducted into the project brief and all that it entails, my idea for the final project has begun to mold itself to give a more clear idea of what it will include. Drawing on one of my first initial ideas of using sound analysis within the space, I have decided to use the analysis to interpret the general mood of the space and create a graphic that then reflects the mood. I want the Picture50microphone to focus on two main points, the pitch and the volume within the space and therefore it will lead to 4 main outcomes (low pitch/low volume, low pitch/ high volume, high pitch/ low volume, high pitch/high volume).  For example in the instance that the volume and pitch are both high this would be interpreted as an excitable and lively atmosphere and the graphic that would be presented would be of a calming nature to reflect the space.

Picture52This kind of idea uses several interesting concepts that are regularly discussed in modern digital media, such as control of the media on the public audience, this interactive graphic is a way of controlling the space and therefore controlling the audience within the space, using the idea that from interacting with the graphic they will be controlled by it.

I think that although the idea itself is quite simplistic in its nature the ideas that it provokes is an interesting take on digital media, specifically digital media within a public space and how using interactive technology within a public space shifts the level of control an audience have in their own right.  In terms of the code it would require me to create 4 separate graphic animations for each outcome and using sound analysis to create IF statements for each.  Although this is less interactive in terms of it uses the space and audience as whole as opposed to the individual reaction it plays into thePicture53 ideas of involuntary interaction with the media and how in the current environment we as a race interact with media on a daily basis whether we now choose to or not due to the sheer level of access.

Following this idea I now place to do further research into the ideas of interactive digital media holding control over the general public and previous examples of this. While also researching into the code itself and how I will use processing to analyse the sound to correctly receive the outcome that each situation requires.


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