Idea Testing and development 2

Within my second testing and development stage I now plan to look at and test the sound analysis as to record the changes recognized DSC_0523by the sound and at what stages does the amplitude reach a suitable peak as to change the outcome and produce the secondary piece. With this element DSC_0522I again plan to test it away from the space and question several members within the group as to their thoughts on monitoring of the sound and whether they would be bothered by the idea of the sound that they are creating being analysed had they not been aware of it.

With this being more of the hidden elements of the code and the idea itself I found this the more challenging point as to question my peers on. Naturally the test as to see if the sound was being recorded and then analysed within processing was clear depending on the results in the println area which I had some difficulties as establishing the input signal with the microphone. Once this was resolved I had it monitor and then analyse the sound within the lab without mentioning to any others within the space for some time. After this pointDSC_0524 I began to question those within the space as to their thoughts on having had the sound that they were creating monitored to some replied with indifference while others found this somewhat uncomfortable, specifically when I added that once the program was completed that it would then attempt to control the sound and by proxy themselves within the space. Most found this to be an interesting take on the manipulation within both traditional and digital media and once the purpose of the abstract piece was discussed began to understand the message behind it, although  I think that the abstractness and simplicity of the design is something that makes it unique from other pieces.


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