Idea Testing and development 1

Now that the basic elements of my idea are now being made in a separate DSC_0529format I have begun to test these parts as separate entities as to receive feedback on each element in how they can be improved visually as well as within the code itself. At this point in my code I have made and created my two outcomes which from an aesthetic and representational standpoint is what will be witnessed by my target audience and is the element of the code that I will receive a bulk of the feedback on from the public audience.                                                                                                                       DSC_0530Therefore at this point I have decided to test out each of these outcomes on my others members of the group as well as lecturers to receive their thoughts on the pieces as code. As well as the kind of emotions and thoughts that each cause and to observe their actions within the space of the classroom that I asked as way of noticing a possible subconscious manipulation as a reaction to the work.DSC_0533                                                                      From this test I was able to receive some helpful feedback as to how aesthetically the code could be improved such as in the brighter piece to potentially have it move faster and to include a possibly more complex pattern. Within the calmer piece again others suggested to make this piece more complex in its pattern and that the colour scheme within this piece evoked their own individual calming thoughts. On this particular outcome I found it interesting how an abstract piece of work such as this reminds others of their own personal memories and I think that it is through triggers and associations such as this that changes a person’s reaction to a space. As opposed to it altering the atmosphere as whole therefore establishing both a general interaction of the space as previously designed as well as one-on-one interaction that the audience feels with the presentation piece that then changes their own personal demeanor  within the space.


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