Final Project conclusion and reflections

Looking back now on the project as whole I think that through the uses of the DSC_0553processing code that I learnt from scratch, during the course of this project, I was able to conduct a study into the uses of digital media within a specific spacial area. Throughout this project I found it to be an interesting look at digital media from a slightly harsh and more negative light and I was able to work and research areas of the market that I had not been able to look into until this point. Through the project I began to also look more closely and act out myself the design thinking and creating process in which I following theoretic methods such as the spiral and waterfall methods, in how I began with basic designs and through testing and feedback these designed continued to develop and change to point where myself and audience were happy with the outcome.

The DSC_0554product itself was an interesting take on digital manipulation, and finally resulted into more of a study into how interactive elements can affect the general atmosphere of a space as well as the reactions of those around it. During my final testing stage which I left fairly late into the stage of the project I encountered several issues as to it working as a whole in both its analysis and outcomes. Therefore I had to show the work in a less together sense as having had a chance I would go back and spend more time on the more specific parts of the code that then caused the issue. The responses that I did receive on the outcomes and how it affected the space in terms of calming or exciting the audience within it was mostly what I had aimed for with each although with it being so abstract that it was only through explanation that I receive more credible responses and this argued with the subconscious nature of the study.

Having had the opportunity to continue with the project and build upon it I would continue to work with the code to make it DSC_0544work successfully on multiple machines and then my next progression would be to look at and interpret the sound on a more complex level. For example including a second analysis such as frequency and how adding this equation to the code could potentially change the outcome and results of the outcomes with the space.

DSC_0540Throughout the project I have begun to research into and experience different elements of the digital media industry in terms of the more technological elements such as the processing code language. As well as research into the more traditional elements such as the direct research into manipulation with the media and how it affects the public without them being fully aware of its changes and more specifically the design thinking process and how learning these theories then adapted the way I thought about my own thought processes surrounding the project.


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