Research Piece 3- Interactivity

The concept of interactivity is still a term considered fairly relative. 10723606_10154689691600363_1702420118_nIt is used over a multitude of platforms and systems therefore making a clearly defined term more complicated. In its most basic form it could be seen as the relationship between the two entities. Within the context of my own work it can be defined at the relationship between the audience (members of the public moving throughout the foyer) and the product (The created information graphic). Much of this style of computer interactivity is created from JavaScript, which has then led to platforms that are developed as form of creating interactivity such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

Looking at the topic of interactivity in reference to my own ideas surrounding the project I feel like I want to go in a different direction than just a straightforward human to artefact connection. A straightforward interactive style is a fairly vague statement and therefore meaning that the graphic will record and/or process information from a singular source in the space and interactive with them in a one on one style, one in which the audience is aware of the interactive elements that are pyramid taking place. Following from my initial ideas of presenting a piece in which in measures the sound within the space I have begun to look at interactivity in which there is less of a clear and defined relationship between the audience and the artifact. Also I am more interested in interacting with the audience as a whole as opposed to the more popular direct one-on-one connection.

Following this research I have discovered that through the clear definition of interactivity being vague it allows more room for the elements of the relationship and the way the relationship is created to have a more creative design. From this I think that the elements of the graphic itself can be fairly basic and simple but if used correctly with an interesting interaction and meaning it can be a very effective design.


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