Processing 4

Following the previous workshops in which we worked from manipulating shapes Picture29and how they moved within the space. We are now beginning to look at the uses of imagery within processing and how we can use these effect to build on our own projects when we begin to develop and test our own work.

Within this workshop we first learnt how to insert a range of images into the code by introducing arrays and integers. After spending some time experimenting with these styles we then began working on adding some of the secondary elements that we have been studying Picture1throughout the previous workshops, such as using and mouse pressing IF statement and so on. Having this workshop allowed me to makes thoughts onto my own project and how I would like some of the more aesthetic elements of my overall project.

Within the code we add a line at the start that declares the uses of imagery within the code. It is then with the setup section where we declares the specific images that we plan to use inserted as these would be static points within the canvas. Picture21 I have then written that I want the size of the canvas to be decided by the size of the image itself so that there is no overlap. I have also inserted a secondary image which will be a part of my IF statement.

Once the images had been loaded we created a for statement that allow us to select the individual pixels and sections of each image. Once this was completed we then inserted an IF statement that declared that when the mouse button was clicked then the image would change to the second image. This basic knowledge of the processing language is allowing me to have a fair knowledge of creating an interesting canvas while also learning the interactive capabilities that I can use when creating my own final project and is something I will consider once I fully begin to design and prototype my own designs and code.


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