Lecture/Seminar 6 10th Nov 2014

Picture35Within this week’s lecture we began to focus on the use of pseudo code for creating our final project. The idea of pseudo code is in its most basic sense is creating instructions for yourself in which you create the code for your project. It is the method in which you write your code. Looking at it with this form I would compare it to creating a plan for an essay in which you outline your argument, paragraphs, referencing and messages. Picture36For this lecture we studied this idea and then how this could be applied to our own works and projects within the future.  Naturally with my own code it will be extremely helpful to start with working on the plan for how I would like the code to work within processing to create the idea and outcome that I have final through my research and then overall initial idea. With the ideas that I have been thinking about surrounding the uses of sound analysis, I would plan to layout the way in which I would analyse the sound using the code and then creating a basis statement that would create outcomes to which would reflect the current state of the environment. With this plan in place I would be able to follow clear instructions on how to create the code for my idea with a more defined outline that would benefit both my work and time management through the creation and testing stages of my project.


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