Lecture/Seminar 5 20th Oct 2014

Within this lecture and seminar we breached into the 1318587004-4668
-typing and idea stages in which we began to use the previous research that we had been collecting throughout the project so far and then using it towards our own ideas on the brief that we had been set. Within this seminar we had the chance to discuss our ideas with the group and what each individual planned to create or several ideas that they were having that could then be developed into a solid idea. Using this chance to discuss it within a group setting allowed us to receive download (1)feedback and additions from the lecturers as well as other members of the group who could contribute.
Several ideas discussed throughout the seminar I found also helpful to my own thoughts throughout the projects. Specifically what I found interesting was the ways members of the group were interpreting the uses of interactivity within their projects as a way of creating a connection with the user, in terms of monitoring the audiences as a whole within the space as well as taking information from individual audience members and then interacting with them within a one on one systematic style.

At this point my own ideas have been quite vague and I have several thoughts on which interpretation of interactivity I would like to focus on in the style of monitoring the space as a whole, as opposed to the one-on-one theme that’s could be seen as a more commonly used idea. I also was to work with a sound based interaction as opposed to the camera based that was originally discussed within our brief. Following this seminar I have found a certain direction to move forward in by continuing to focus on the coding element of my project as this then fits the theory behind the idea and looking more into the ideas of pseudo-code which will be discussed within the next session.


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