Processing 1

Within the first of the workshops surrounding the software of processing wePicture6 were introduced to the subject and given the basic tools that we would require to begin writing within this language. As well as giving us a small Segway into the uses of JavaScript which for those on the course not as well versed in the coding language as others  would be able to refer back to when focusing on more rrecognized languages such as Java and HTML.

Within this we were shown the basic layout of creating a programme within the software. These are through the two void options. Void Setup, is the static element of the programme and is designed to hold the various factors that will not change throughout the file. Within this instance you can see that the size of the canvas used, the speeds of the frames at which it moves and the overall background colour will not change despite the variables that I put into the void draw option.

Picture7Within the void draw section this is the elements of the programme which will be visable within the screen, for example if I wished for the background to change them I would first have to move it into the Void draw section of the code. Within this section I have written code for the frame rate to be connected to the draw section and will move at the rate set within the Setup section. I have also introduced a point within which I have set the size in strokeWeight and the colour which at this point is Picture8using the RGB values to determine of its randomised colour.

Within the secondary section I have chosen to create a second point in which it can be connected to the previous point to form a line. Giving it a similar size and colour systems, also it is clear within this programme must move in a specific order as to prevent overlapping.

Picture9Within the final part of the workshop we learnt to create an element that interacts with the users. With this we were made to create a line in which instead of setting specific points the points would be determined as to where the mouse coordinates would be at this point. We then added the size and the randomized option of the colours used for each line which would repeat itself within the frame rate.

Picture10 Picture11With the final product of the workshop taking on this shape.


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