Poster Assignment Part Two

Following the meeting that we had during our seminar we decided to as a group change and essentially re-create the poster from scratch. Coming from the advice that our current idea may be too ambiguous to the topic of independence, and may the leave the audience more confused than inspired by the idea, we began to look at creating a more simplistic design that would attract the attention of a public audience.  From this we decided to create a design that focused less on the artistic elements and used text and factual information to draw a crowd.  Using the standpoint of money a common factor in typical political agendas it played to the strengths of the idea of Dorset becoming independent being more beneficial that it is a challenge.

In terms of the design using dark and contrasting colours allowed the poster to stand out against the stark white backgrounds within the foyer space where it would eventually be placed and therefore will attract more of a following which would then lead to them reading the text written and understanding the cause behind the designs. Using a clear slogan in reference to the cause I feel was a vital part of the design process and is a key selling point on projects with a purpose such as this and similar ideas of selling and idea to the mass public. Using a tagline allows it to become connected to the audience member as it is more likely to be remembered by them that necessarily the imagery in certain cases. From this re-design, that we now feel clearly but effectively captures the ideas of Dorset independence, we can present this first to our peers for the second time to receive their feedback on the new design and then to now put up the poster within the space and to have the members of the public give it their genuine reactions.

From this re-design it is clear in terms of my final project that throughout my idea, planning and prototyping process I will constantly be re-designing and creating new elements. Following feedback from others and from external feedback, I will be able to strengthen my designs and be able to create the best possible outcome.


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