Poster Assignment Part Three

Following the poster project in which we were able to gain a feel of the space and interpret the audience reactions we were tasked with creating a presentation. This presentation would be used to summarise the assignment that we had just completed while also interpreting the information that we gained and applying it too our final project. From this assignment we were given several topics to focus around so that we could fully discuss the information that we had gained from the project as a whole and also gave a chance to present some of the research methods we had begun to use throughout both this assignment and within the graded project.

Picture24With this question we began to discuss how the activities within the space vary and this is reflected in how populated the space is over the course of the day and that the hive of activity centred on the coffee area and main doors giving indication to where the most noticeable screens are.

Picture20 Once we had analysed the space it led then to questioning the people within the space and therefore the meanings behind why they would be within the space and the actions conducted within it.  From this we determined that it was a hive area which many people walked through but not a long term place and could be seen as a more ‘drive through’ venue.

Picture21From looking at the two separate entities of the space the physical area and the people that pass through it, we now began to look at why they were in the space as an acitivty that they are conducting and then how this effected our designing process in the long run.  Which was mainly a social venue and less of a working environment, although regular television recordings are conducted here.

Focusing more now on how our designs in particular worked within the Picture22space and what we learnt from the posters within the space and how this would affect how our final products would be presented once we have designed and created them. It was clear from the assignment that striking visuals and text are what gains the attention of a mass audience but it is the more specific stylistics that would draw in individuals which would be significant depending on what kind of audience you wished to draw on.

Picture23Finally we were to discuss the potential theories and methods that we have used throughout our design process and how we may use this research within our final project. For example the design processes of Markus & Maver in terms of our design thinking in how it took several versions and ideas of our design to create the final piece that was to be presented and even then we can now see changes that it could require to be improved within the future much like our final piece will be.


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