Poster Assignment Part One

Within the first seminar we were split off into groups of four and given our first assignment. This tasked us to create a poster that would be put up in the foyer space that our final products would eventually be presented in. The poster that we Picture3were asked to create following the recent Scottish referendum was an advertisement to those of the county to vote for an independent Dorset. Within the group we began to research into the county and finding out the county flag of Dorset and its own county flower. It was from the initial research we began to focus on the nature of the area and that using this element from a green standpoint of saving the landscapes would make residents of the county more inclined to vote to become independent. Therefore in our graphic representation we began drafting landscape shots of popular landmarks of the area such as Durdle door. Also we began looking into uses of colour and making the areas of Dorset in vibrant depictions while the rest of the country less saturated to create a clear juxtaposition and therefore and obvious representation. Although on review the drafts began to look cluttered and lacked the clearer message that we wanted to present to an audience in which most are only going to be glancing at.

Therefore we began looking and a more obvious graphical representation, such as showing the county as in integral part of the country and therefore no longer needed the rest of England and could easily distance themselves by voting for independence. It was from this that we formed the slogan “The Driving Force of Britain” Picture4which seemed a clear message that the group had been aiming towards. It was from the slogan that we developed our current design the image of the English flag printed on the car with the hood open and then a Dorset flag presented over the engine giving the impression of the integral part of the Country Dorset is and that therefore could become independent. In comparison to our previous designs we felt that this had a more direct message in the sense that the audience would be able to grasp what is being presented before them while still having some ambiguity which will then allow the audience to have a curiosity as to the concepts and research into the ideas of an independent Dorset.  Now that we have created our first draft it will be presented within the seminar which we will receive group feedback and we can then make the necessary changes before it is posted within the foyer and will receive target audience criticism.


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