Lecture/Seminar 4 20th Oct 2014

Once the bulk of the poster assignment had been completed the group was given a chance to reflect on the work that we had completed and how this affected both our original designing styles and thinking and the how it would affect our thinking when designing and presented our own individual products within the same space. The group was then tasked with creating the presentation which I previous discussed in which we explained how the design processes of this task had affected how we would react to the project as a whole and some of the sources that we had used throughout such as Markus & Maver.  Each group presented to the rest of the seminar and lecturer in which we each had similar reactions to the task in which each group followed a similar spiral method where they would continue to adapt the work so that they could use the best possible version in the final presentation within the decided space.

Within our own presentation we were able to show the other groups that we had several stages in which we completely changed the direction of our idea and used a different form of message to create a final and successful designed that captured what we saw as the spirit of independence for the project. In the examples that we showed in how we started out the design as a piece that was more artistic and focused more on the nature and preservationist areas to then moving into a more politically driven style that would capture the attention of an audience with clear and factual evidence.

Following this project I have found that it is through trial and error methods, which we have been shown throughout our series of lectures, that I will need to continue questioning my designs in reference to the final project while continually presenting and receiving feedback so that I have a clear idea as to how my graphic will affect the audience within the final presentation of my work.


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