Lecture/Seminar 3 13th Oct 2014

Following the previous seminar and group meetings in which the group received critical feedback on the continued draft IMG_1875design for the independent Dorset poster and then began to move forward by fully re-designing the piece. The group then reached the stage in which the postersIMG_1880 would be put up within the space and the group would have a chance to monitor and possibly the members of the public on their reactions to the pieces and how they may interpret the deigns and how that they react within the space. Initially we re-presented our new designs to the seminar group IMG_1879and how we changed it from the previous concepts based on the feedback that we had received, in terms of the purpose of the poster the message was far clearer and gave a moreIMG_1881 serious impression of independence for the county, as opposed to our previously more artistic pieces.

Once we had then presented this to our peers we then had the task of placing the posters within the foyer area. Following the activity last week in which we studied the space and the way the IMG_1882audiences would react within the space we had a good idea as to where to present the posters as to garner the most attention. We decided to place the posters next to the screens where people could view it immediately as they came into the building as we as on several of the structural columns that are placed throughout the area and have naturally become a focal point. From the experiment it was clear that we had picked several of the most successful areas in which to create attention from the audience with the columns having more success that the entrance area. On some questioning of the audience they found the design to be very ridged and to the point although it was one that caught their attention more than other potential designs.


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