Following the first seminar within our decided groups we were now given the task of taking our previous initial designs and then creating the first draft of our posters. In my previous post I discussed how we decided to change our original ideas of using the county’s nature, to using a bolder and more simplistic design that would catch the attention of the audience. Once we had created and printed this draft we then presented in front of the seminar group as a way to receive feedback on the idea and how it could be improved before it was presented within the foyer space.

The feedback we received matched many of our own thoughts on the design such as it being direct in its nature, eye-catching and used a relatable source in the way of using a car as a psychical representation of the relationship between Dorset and the rest of the country. Although the critical feedback was crucial in how the group as members of a viewing audience explained how that the car design was fairly ambiguous and did not give away a clear message as to the poster. Also the idea of being the ‘engine’ of England gave the impression that neither part could necessarily successfully survive without the other.

Once each group had presented their ideas and receive positive and constructive feedback to work on us then as a group moved to the foyer as to study the space as whole for a set period of time in which we were able to analyse the space and the potential audience that travels within and through the space. This was beneficial on two levels in how it allowed us to study the areas in the space for the poster assignment as to the best positioning for maximum audience viewing, as well as giving the group a good impression of the space and how it will affect the designs for our final project.


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