Initial Ideas and Concepts

From the initial lectures and seminar discussion I began to form several ideas of what direction I could move toward in terms of my final product and the way I could potentially present and information graphic in an interactive manner. Within the space that we plan to present the project there is several options in terms of screen placements and positions. Naturally the audience specifics change and there for the requirements of the graphic changes and with the multiple options allows me to take an idea and then present it within the most optimal section of the foyer to suit the specific audience.

Within the first lecture we were given a vague description of some of the screens within the foyer that we may not have been previously aware of due to their placement and it was from one of these descriptions that I began to have a very basic initial concepts in how could present a final project. Within the instance one of the screen placements described was a long strip of screens from left to right. From this I began to think about linking the screens together and using the idea of long it takes for data to travel all over the world in seconds. In terms of the interactivity it would follow the idea of using camera motion sensors to detect movement across the screen which would then trigger the movement of ‘data’ from screen to screen. This element could also see people racing the screen to attempt to beat the ‘data’ reaching the end destination before they themselves reached the end of the screen. In initial conception this seemed and innovative and effective way of marrying the concepts of information graphics and interactivity, although on reflection and investigation as to the position of the screens being quite raised in the space and it therefore became unlikely to detect the movement required. Although as an initial concept it was a good thought it was from researching into the space and requirements I was able to understand the feasibility of my ideas and to be able to adapt my designs accordingly to achieve the most desired results for my final design.Picture1

My second concept was once I had finished my first processing workshop which focused on the movements of the shapes and symmetry techniques. From this I recognized patterns similarly seen in a music player found on computers that when playing the piece of music it would also create a graphic that would match Picture2the sound data being produced.  This could have also been seen as an information graphic in how the uses of movement and colour changes within the piece represented the changes in tone, pitch, melody, etc. From research into this form I began to look at and idea of visually representing the sound created naturally from the foyer space. This includes the dialogue between the people in the space as well as sounds of people walking, doors opening, the coffee station being used. Much like the computer sound graphic my own would change depending on the changes in volume, tone, pitch, etc. Although it was in later lectures I learned that we were to be focusing


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