Seminar 1, Assignment project

Within the first seminar we were given an assignment in groups that would allow us as potential designers to understand the space that we will be using for our final project and how that would be affected by implementingGEP000089NPL the interactive information graphics that we have been tasked to create. Within this seminar specifically we began to look upon the ideas of design thinking, and how advertisers and designers go about a process to develop an initial idea given from a brief. For our assignment we were split off into groups of 4 and asked to create a posters, taking influence from the recent Scottish independence campaign, that would advertise for an independent Dorset and convince those of the county to become separate from the rest of England.
From this task we began to research into Dorset as a county and looked specifically into why the county should choose to go independent as opposed to a basic thought process in terms of the imagery. From this wdownloade discovered several factors surrounding employment rate, and housing demand which threatens to attack the counties natural wonders and wildlife. It was from this research that group has begun planning a poster that looks into the protection of the natural beauty of the county and then separating from the rest of the country as a whole would benefit them in terms of employment, housing and protection of wildlife.
Initial ideas began looking into Dorset landmarks such as county flowers, wildlife habitats and well known places such as Durdle Door. From this we began to focus on landscapes and the juxtaposition of natural beauty and the pollution that the rest of the country it threatening it with.
Although on review it became clear that the poster was beginning to look cluttered in terms of imagery and unclear as to the message that ourselves as the group were trying to present, therefore throughout the week we plan to combine further research and then make a more clear message that would advertise the ideas of an independent Dorset.DWTlogoNEW


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