Initial Research

WithiWaterfall_modeln the introduction lecture and seminar I was introduced to several designers who on research have given me a clearer understanding of the brief and how to approach the tasks in a more design driven mindset. The first theories discussed were that of Markus & Mavers’s and Bryan Lawson’s design thinking processes.

The ideas of this theory focus upon the process that designers take to create the product for the client in question. When designing a piece of work for a client it is quite different from that of the widely known method of business in ‘The Waterfall Method’ in which you receive the brief and then plan, create, test and finally implementspiral_model_boehm_1988 your final piece without going back and changing areas. In design this is quite different depicted in the diagrams in how a design will receive the brief then develop an idea and then finally move onto prototyping and tests, it is from this that the designer will then change the idea or testing or something may have created a problem, they will then go back and change the work and this is repeated over and over until the client and designer are both happy with the product creating at which point it is then implemented within the appropriate medium, this is represented within Boehm’s ‘Spiral’.

design-process-45-1024Another of the well known work is that of Markus and Maver who themselves created a representation of the design process and the system which many follow. It follow the similar method to that of the spiral in a more generalized format in how it follows a continuous pattern of synthesizing the product and then receiving an appraisal of that product which finally leads to a decision. In which the designer will choose to change the design and therefore the product and then continue to move forward in almost a continuous loop, playing into the ideas that the work of a designer in never completely finished and can always be added to and improved upon.

The work of Lawson takes on a more 3 dimensional shape playing into the architects background in how the design of his own work follows a similar method of any other designer whether that be the for software or architecture. it again represents the idea of analysis the problems, creating a solution and then evaluating that solution and what problems that it represents and can create a final solution. it is clear from this research of the methods of design in how I should approach my owndesign-process-42-1024 projects and in particular this unit in how I need to creating an idea or several for the final project but within the process i need to be constantly aware of the problems that I will face and the responses and appraisals that i will need to receive to be able to create a successful final project that fits both the brief and the needs of the audience.


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