Lecture/ Seminar 1- 29th Sept 2014

During the first lecture of my ‘Design Iterations’ project we were established the brief and then given an overview on the project and the topics that it would entail as part of the degree as a whole.
For this project we are given the task of creating an interactive information graphic that will be presented on public screens in the foyer of the media building on the Bournemouth University Talbot Campus. When creating the graphic it needs to express some idea of 21st century digital media while tying in a form of interactivity with the audience.
Although the project will center around the final graphic created for the screens the assessment itself will 100% be based on a reflective blog that details the full run of the project, critically evaluating each stages of the research, designing, prototyping and eventual implementation of the eventual product. Using this method as a way of assessment allows me as an future designer to learn, create and then reflect on the design processes of a whole and how this would be applied within a practical job scenario.
The project will be split up into 4 main sections(Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation & test) each consisting of 4 weeks in which we will learn the different aspects of the design process in detail and then apply it to our own practical project and then reflectively evaluate it with the blog. Through each of the weeks I personally plan to discuss the information being given through the set lectures, seminars and tutorials and, to then expand on the information given into my own further research and practice throughout the rest of that eek. Which will finally lead to my own final piece to be presented on the submission date 26th January 2015.


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