Final Project conclusion and reflections

Looking back now on the project as whole I think that through the uses of the DSC_0553processing code that I learnt from scratch, during the course of this project, I was able to conduct a study into the uses of digital media within a specific spacial area. Throughout this project I found it to be an interesting look at digital media from a slightly harsh and more negative light and I was able to work and research areas of the market that I had not been able to look into until this point. Through the project I began to also look more closely and act out myself the design thinking and creating process in which I following theoretic methods such as the spiral and waterfall methods, in how I began with basic designs and through testing and feedback these designed continued to develop and change to point where myself and audience were happy with the outcome.

The DSC_0554product itself was an interesting take on digital manipulation, and finally resulted into more of a study into how interactive elements can affect the general atmosphere of a space as well as the reactions of those around it. During my final testing stage which I left fairly late into the stage of the project I encountered several issues as to it working as a whole in both its analysis and outcomes. Therefore I had to show the work in a less together sense as having had a chance I would go back and spend more time on the more specific parts of the code that then caused the issue. The responses that I did receive on the outcomes and how it affected the space in terms of calming or exciting the audience within it was mostly what I had aimed for with each although with it being so abstract that it was only through explanation that I receive more credible responses and this argued with the subconscious nature of the study.

Having had the opportunity to continue with the project and build upon it I would continue to work with the code to make it DSC_0544work successfully on multiple machines and then my next progression would be to look at and interpret the sound on a more complex level. For example including a second analysis such as frequency and how adding this equation to the code could potentially change the outcome and results of the outcomes with the space.

DSC_0540Throughout the project I have begun to research into and experience different elements of the digital media industry in terms of the more technological elements such as the processing code language. As well as research into the more traditional elements such as the direct research into manipulation with the media and how it affects the public without them being fully aware of its changes and more specifically the design thinking process and how learning these theories then adapted the way I thought about my own thought processes surrounding the project.

Testing of Final Product

Once I had then completed the code and tested that it worked together successfully DSC_0541with minimal glitches or issues, I then needed to test it within the space and that it worked successfully for its intended purpose. Within the space I attached the program to the monitors via the laptop which then projected the resulting outcome onto the screen once it had begun to analyse the sound. I encountered DSC_0539several issues with the program such as it being the wrong size for the screens which I quickly altered. Following this there was issues with the lagging of the projections themselves and if I was able to further work on this project I would need to have a much more powerful microphone as to receive more credible results.

After having such issues I made the decision to individually project DSC_0549the two outcomes and first watch those within the space. Watching people’s reaction to the two pieces of work I found highly beneficial, as I was able to monitor peoples subconscious reactions to each piece and notice whether a change occurred in their behaviour as the projection changed. It was minuscule and would need a longer period of observation as to receive more reliable results but on the whole people’s attitudes could be seen to change with the work although it could be argued of many other contributing factors.

DSC_0548Once I had observed the reactions of those within the space I then questioned several members of the public to see if their now knowledge of the purpose of the abstract pieces changed their opinions and attitudes towards it. People’s reactions initially was confusion as to not understanding the purpose of the productions as well as similar results from previous tests in how it evoked possible memories and feelings, once I had then explained the idea to them they began to notice several attitudes within themselves when looking at the work and their perception of this. Although it could not necessarily be reliable information as to them now being aware of the idea behind the works and therefore the idea would need several more stages of testing to receive credible information to fully and confidently present on the theory of digital media manipulation.

Processing 12

Picture44Within my final processing session both personal and in lecture I was able to drawPicture58 all of the elements together in a basic skeleton which I can then test in the main space and receive my outcomes onto the screen should the test fail.

Within this element of the code I first imputed all of the sound analysis elements including the input of the microphone, which at this stage I have had to use the laptop microphone.

After I had made sure this section of the code was effective then imputed the if statement which declared that should the amplitude of the space be above 100 Picture49amps then the secondary calming outcome would become into effect and if it was lower then the first would. I have decided to insert these two outcomes as movies as to make the outcomes and therefore the overall code cleaner.

This is not the completed code and if I had had more time then I would look at the analysis in a more complete and complex elements as to have the analysis at the best possible result. Also I would use a more powerful microphone that could monitor the sound at a higher and more detailed level therefore analyzing more of the sound to a wide range.

Idea Testing and development 2

Within my second testing and development stage I now plan to look at and test the sound analysis as to record the changes recognized DSC_0523by the sound and at what stages does the amplitude reach a suitable peak as to change the outcome and produce the secondary piece. With this element DSC_0522I again plan to test it away from the space and question several members within the group as to their thoughts on monitoring of the sound and whether they would be bothered by the idea of the sound that they are creating being analysed had they not been aware of it.

With this being more of the hidden elements of the code and the idea itself I found this the more challenging point as to question my peers on. Naturally the test as to see if the sound was being recorded and then analysed within processing was clear depending on the results in the println area which I had some difficulties as establishing the input signal with the microphone. Once this was resolved I had it monitor and then analyse the sound within the lab without mentioning to any others within the space for some time. After this pointDSC_0524 I began to question those within the space as to their thoughts on having had the sound that they were creating monitored to some replied with indifference while others found this somewhat uncomfortable, specifically when I added that once the program was completed that it would then attempt to control the sound and by proxy themselves within the space. Most found this to be an interesting take on the manipulation within both traditional and digital media and once the purpose of the abstract piece was discussed began to understand the message behind it, although  I think that the abstractness and simplicity of the design is something that makes it unique from other pieces.

Lecture/Seminar 11 17th Jan 2015

Within the final seminar session of the unit it gave the group a chance to againDSC_0532 speak and show individually to the lecturers our ideas and receive some of their personal feedback and thoughts. As well as a chance to test work that we have created within the space and receive any feedback from both others on our course witnessing the programme on a continuous loop, or speak to members of the public at random as to hear a first impression on the product without them knowing of the idea.  On discussing my idea with the lecturers for the second time they agreed with the idea as to downgrade my outcomes from 4 to 2 as to give myself a longer amount of time on each and achieve the best possible outcomes for each instance. On seeing the progress of the two outcomes I questioned the lecturers as to the feelings that it evoked within them on each outcome, which received the expected reactions of excitement and DSC_0530calming for each as well as some constructive work on how each could be perceive by others and what I could add to improve them.

At this stage the main code is still separated as to having the two outcomes and the sound analysis separate therefore I was on the screens I merely uploaded the two outcomes and questioned those in the space about their thoughts on the project and how it could be improved, which I received the expected feedback of them being calming and exciting or as some described ’Seizure inducing’. As well as direct questioning on their own thoughts I DSC_0533questioned their thoughts on how others are reacting to the space and whether they thought these outcomes made the space more calming as a whole on the audience. From this I was able to observe the way that people reacted to the space which I feel did relax or pick up in the space depending on each outcome although the change monitored was subtle and I found the information received from others far more beneficial to the changes overall.

Processing 11

Within this lecture I decided to save the two outcome code pages and Picture54save them as movies as to receive the best possible format for the main code and to also have the main code cleaner and slightly more Picture55accessable when coding the main sound analysis body around it. To do this on a processing code and converting it into screen grabs and Picture57then export it as a movie with the IMovie application by tying each frame together. To begin I first add the elements of code that declares that it will take screen grabs of each frame and then save it to the files location.  I have also added a line, which states once the grabs have reached 1000 frames then it will stop saving the images and kill the previous line. Picture56Once I had saved 100 frames of each outcome I then opened up the iMovie application and imputed all of the images into the program, which then transfers these frames into a movie format, and I am able to export it and save it as a .mov document. Now that both of these files are save as movies I will now just need to insert the media into the main code and then insert the files themselves into the main code which can then been completed and tested within the main foyer as to receive the best results.

Idea Testing and development 1

Now that the basic elements of my idea are now being made in a separate DSC_0529format I have begun to test these parts as separate entities as to receive feedback on each element in how they can be improved visually as well as within the code itself. At this point in my code I have made and created my two outcomes which from an aesthetic and representational standpoint is what will be witnessed by my target audience and is the element of the code that I will receive a bulk of the feedback on from the public audience.                                                                                                                       DSC_0530Therefore at this point I have decided to test out each of these outcomes on my others members of the group as well as lecturers to receive their thoughts on the pieces as code. As well as the kind of emotions and thoughts that each cause and to observe their actions within the space of the classroom that I asked as way of noticing a possible subconscious manipulation as a reaction to the work.DSC_0533                                                                      From this test I was able to receive some helpful feedback as to how aesthetically the code could be improved such as in the brighter piece to potentially have it move faster and to include a possibly more complex pattern. Within the calmer piece again others suggested to make this piece more complex in its pattern and that the colour scheme within this piece evoked their own individual calming thoughts. On this particular outcome I found it interesting how an abstract piece of work such as this reminds others of their own personal memories and I think that it is through triggers and associations such as this that changes a person’s reaction to a space. As opposed to it altering the atmosphere as whole therefore establishing both a general interaction of the space as previously designed as well as one-on-one interaction that the audience feels with the presentation piece that then changes their own personal demeanor  within the space.

Lecture/Seminar 10 5th Jan 2015

Within this seminar as a group discussed the ideas of presenting our work images (3)within the space and through our now stages of prototyping and primary research, how this may have changed. To hear the progress of others within my course was highly beneficial as I was able to see the issues and successes that they were having with their own work and the different thought processes and ideas surrounding the design and creation of their products. When discussing my IMG_1879own work I was able to talk to the group about my decision to limit my results to two outcomes as a way of creating a more detailed two pieces of code and therefore presentation wise a more complex image, as opposed to 4 that may not be as (3) Also using two outcomes as a way of making the atmosphere with the space more excitable, as a way of motivating those moving through it, or calming the audience within it, as a way of focusing, is a way of controlling the space through the uses of design media technology. Allowing me to create a more direct response to how these pieces make them feel and IMG_1875whether they think it changes their own response to the space and does it affect its audience as a whole. Through this session and discussing my ideas the group agreed with my positioning the piece on the screens that are opposite to the coffee station and faces most of the sitting areas in the space these are the main focus screens for nearly all areas in the foyer and I can receive the most feedback from multiple points within the space and does their positioning effect their responses to the program.

Processing 10

Following last weeks workshop I now have further developed my Picture49secondary ‘calming’ outcome and completed the second piece to be then adapted and inputted into my overall sound analysis code. Continuing to create a look that reflects a subconsciously calming atmosphere through calming graphical representations it has been important for me to keep in mind what my audience within the foyer will find appealing, calming or exciting and project their thoughts onto the canvas. Although this can be a complicated point in how each person personal calm can differ and change and therefore creating a generalised look can be complicated to replicate in any form or medium.

Picture48Within this code I have added another void shape in which I have continued to use ellipse although I will continue to experiment with the shapes until I feel reflect the atmosphere I want to create within the best possible light. For this shape I have moved it’s positioning slightly as to draw it apart from the original pattern and then given this a more randomised selection of colour within a specific pallet. This then keeps the style to a more specific theme. I have then lowered the frame rate more and then added a smooth point as to ease the transitions. Following the completion of the two outcomes I now plan to export these files as movies and then input them into my overall code with the sound analysis which will dictate that any amplitude that is over or under a certain decibel will then change the outcome projected as a way of interacting with the space as a whole and allowing the audience to react to it on a subconscious, in-voluntary level.

Lecture/Seminar 9 8th Dec 2014

Within this seminar we focused on and then researched into the vasefaceidea of perceptual organisation and then how this applies to design . Perceptual organization as a term is a difficult thing to define and therefore when looking at research can become complicated to understand and interpret in design, and then your own design work. In its simplest form perceptual organization is a psychological topic which is the ability to take in visual, auditory and sensory information and use that information effectively to accomplish a task. It is a term commonly used for people who are suffering from certain psychological issues, whether it is that they excel in this ability or struggle with it, for example it is a discussed topic that those who are autistic to have superior performance in perceptual organization from their heightened ability to process information.

downloadWhen looking at this in terms of design and in terms of our project in general it is how we take into account the sense that we are evoking from this product how that the audience will then mentally process it. In the reference of it towards my own work I am using the idea of perceptual organization within the processing program itself as well as the sense of the physical human audience in how the auditory senses within the space to receive information and for it to produce a visual outcome. In terms of the audience itself it is through a visual element that I want the audience to process a changing in the atmosphere and therefore a change in their reaction to this. For example if the space is excitable and busy the use of the calming outcome, which the audience will visually take in. Therefore each member of the audience will process this and potentially change their actions to match the new change of outcome in creating an overall calming atmosphere, technically subconsciously manipulating those in the space through the uses of perceptual organization